Common Core: The Good, The Bad, and The Reality


Last year, I wrote the post “How Common Core is Slowly Changing My Child.”  It struck a nerve with parents and teachers across the country as we all were adjusting to the new Common Core State Standards. I wrote it on a night where everything went wrong and homework was a nightmare for my then third grade son. That day had also been particularly difficult at work as I had begun to teach the first common core module unit to my ninth graders. After the kids went to bed, I wrote. By morning, the response was overwhelming. Two weeks later, I still had parents commenting on the change they had seen in their children due to school.

A year later, almost to the date, the post is making its way onto people’s newsfeed again and I’m getting the same comments from concerned parents and teachers.  It’s been a…

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Injustices of Justice

Deep post.


As pleased as I was that the criminal justice system worked for my family in rendering verdicts for the perpetrators of my son’s death, I have to say post conviction turns out to be a teachable moment.

There is a disconnect in the system after the Judge renders a verdict in the court rooms. The Judge renders his or her verdict and then the Orders are transmitted from the Clerk’s Office in the Court to the Department of Corrections. In Massachusetts, unless the perpetrator is convicted to life without parole, the State allows prisoners to receive time off of their sentences regardless to what the Judge sentenced.

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Whoaaaaa Harvey Milk was a sexual offender. Yikes!

Newsdesk International

So once again, Obummer is throwing his support behind the gay lifestyle.  All across California, on May 22, it’s  “Harvey Milk Day,” and now, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will introduce a new stamp in honor of the homosexual San Francisco city official murdered in 1977 by a city government colleague. The occasion is being celebrated by homosexual activists, and, not surprisingly, the Obama administration, which is set to dedicate the stamp on its first day of issue with a White House ceremony. In 2009 President Obama presented the Medal of Freedom to the late homosexual hero.

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Surrogacy: Defying God’s Law


For years I have heard about wealthy people seeking out surrogate mothers to host their offspring. I never put a lot of thought into it until recently and now I find it quite disturbing.
To think about this logically:
Surrogate mothers have their blood pumping through the fetus and the fetus is essentially a mix of DNA from its rightful parents. In essence, there are 3 parents involved in this process. How does this affect the baby? What if that baby grows into an adult and mates with another surrogate-produced person?? How does this affect THEIR offspring’s molecular and neurological structure. I don’t think studies like this have been done. And it kind of reminds me of how we genetically modify poultry and cattle now. Something about this seems a bit risky to me in terms of maintaining the normalities of human DNA. It doesn’t seem like something that is ethical or moral to me in terms of humankind. No one is old enough to know how the neurological makeup of their offspring is. Scientists don’t know yet until it happens. What do you think?